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What does "W.O.W!" Interventions' founder has to say about this breakthrough organization?

"My new company will provide breakthroughs for anyone who has any ties to it. "W.O.W!" Interventions expects to render consulting services to individuals, teams, and organizations either mentally, spiritually, or performance wise. My strong interest in sports and business performance has piqued my interest to become a part of something huge that will change the way that we view performance and how psychology affects it. Eventually, I plan to become part of a professional athletic organization at some level. After obtaining a doctoral degree, my background will be diversified enough to where I can dive into an organization as a consultant, psychologist, or a performance coach. As a start, I plan to launch my new business, “W.O.W!” Interventions, on November 11, 2011.

“W.O.W!” stands for the “Will of Winning” and to most people winning means coming in first place. As a form of symbolism, I decided to use 11.11.11 as the launching date to hammer home this point. This business will focus on consulting and providing motivation in the area of performance through athletics and management. I am excited about the momentum that the business is gaining just from the idea of it being something new and fresh to the general public. I expect the impact to be huge and have sights on expanding in the future."

- Rod Ficklin
"W.O.W!" Interventions, Founder and CEO

















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